Abbott’s Magic


Abbott’s Magic Trick Collection
Vintage & Rare Magic Tricks


Abbott’s Magic manufacturing located in the “Magic Capital of the World”, Colon, Michigan. I began collecting Abbott’s Magic in 2005 having missed the early prime years at the peak of Abbott’s craftsmanship years. Because my focus had long leaned towards the Grant / MAK props, the Abbott’s appreciation hit later in my collecting aspirations.

As I started to collect Abbott’s Magic, I became very selective on which props to purchase. Knowing how they were known for their craftsmanship I quickly leaned more towards their exclusive line of stage/platform type props.

Many know Abbott’s Magic as a very popular name brand in the magic industry. The Abbott’s magic brand was one that many magicians have grown up on purchasing their vast array of props form one of the many magic trick catalogs Abbott’s magic would distribute.


Established in 1934 by Percy Abbott, located in Colon, Michigan, Abbott’s Magic hosts over 50,000 square feet of business offices to support their magic craft. Even today, back in the space designed for the distinct purposes of creating magic tricks, they still manufacture their own magic trick brand of effects.


Today many of these props, especially the original Abbott’s Magic versions, have become very collectible and in many cases, hard to find.


In the slide show below are props from my Abbott’s Magic collection that I’ve owned at one time or another. Be sure to check out all the vintage magic within this site including my MAK Magic collection.