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U. F. Grant / MAK Magic Trick Collection
Vintage & Rare Magic Tricks

My U. F. Grant and MAK Magic vintage magic trick collection. MAK Magic is a very popular name brand in the magic industry. Many have grown up on these classic magic trick props. Today many of these props, especially the original U.F. Grant versions, have become very collectible and in many cases, hard to find. The company of MAK Magic known today actually started with Ulysses F Grant who was born in New York on January 12, 1901 later became one of the magic community’s most creative minds in the magic industry. Later in years to follow, the company was eventually turned over to James (Jimmy) King which evolved into the MAK Magic known today.

The display below in most cases isn’t a complete representation of my U.F. Grant / MAK Magic collection. I’m constantly searching, purchasing, and selling additional UF Grant / MAK Magic props all the time. If you’re looking for some rare and vintage magic for sale, I would recommend

If you’ve collected a rare and vintage magic collectibles, especially a UF grant or MAK Magic prop and need the instruction sheet try visiting our sister website, If what you’re looking for isn’t posted, hit the contact link and ask if it’s available.

I still try to collect the rare and vintage U.F. Grant magic tricks or the original classic MAK Magic effects when possible. If you have any of these classic effects for sale, please use the contact form located on this site. Also visit the Magic Tricks Wanted section which highlights some of the specific U.F. Grant or MAK Magic tricks I’m looking for. Please consider contacting me through the website contact form located HERE if you have any of the magic tricks listed on the Magic Tricks Wanted section of this blog. Thanks!

Featured UF Grant / MAK Magic

My UF Grant and MAK Magic collection…or at least the ones have taken pictures of. Enjoy!