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My Mel Babcock Collection
What can you say about Mel Babcock Magic productions, but wow! The quality of Mel Babcock Magic is one of those silent secrets in the industry. I didn’t know of Mel’s props until I fell upon him by accident. Once I discovered the quality workmanship that he puts into his creations, I was hooked.

Below is a partial listing of my Mel Babcock Magic collection. Definitely not a complete representation, but it’s a start. The craftsmanship of Mel Babcock is incredible and once you purchase your first Babcock prop you’ll be hooked. The quality is consistent throughout his magic effects. Noted for his awesome Die Boxes, you really can’t go wrong with any of his selections.

His website to some may be a little hard to locate. Here is the direct link if you want to check out his props: Even if you don’t purchase one of his props initially, I would highly recommend picking up his book, “The Magic House of Babcock”. This is an awesome book that outlines his career in magic, his craftsmanship, along with plenty of beautiful photographs of his work.


The Magic House of Babcock

The Magic House of Babcock

From Mel’s website: For more than 25 years, Mel Babcock has turned out magnificent, crafted, collector-quality magic props. “The Magic House of Babcock” is a wonderful adventure of a man’s passion for learning the art of magic, performing, and developing a talent for woodworking. It is a story that shares the creativity, challenge, and motivation of one man in his journey to build quality magic apparatus. This is an 8 x 11 inch hard bound volume with dust jacket.

It contains 192 pages printed on glossy paper. Included are product descriptions and approximately 150 photographs, as well as a 20 page color gallery of many of the magic props built by Mr. Babcock. Supply limited to 500 autographed copies.

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Below represents my small collection of Mel Babcock Magic: