Owen Magic


Owen Magic Collection

My small collection of Owen Magic. A collection I try to expand when the opportunity presents itself. Owen magic is certainly considered the “king of the hill” in terms of fine, quality magic props. To have an Owen Magic prop is to own the best in magic for many.

The start of Owen magic can be traced to August 1902 when Floyd Thayer placed his first ad, offering for sale “Wand of the West”. The company quickly gained recognition of Thayer quality and the magic beginnings of this venture started to expand. In 1913 Carl Owen entered the company followed later by his brother Emmett. In 1933 Thayer divided the company into two parts, Thayer Manufacturing and Thayer Studio. The Owen brothers purchased the Thayer Manufacturing and continued to operate this for many years to come. During those years Owen purchased other companies including Merv Taylor Magic.

In 1959 Owen Magic Supreme moved to a new location where later Les and Gertude Smith would acquire the company in 1963. The Owen Magic Supreme shop has been in its current location in Azusa California since 1978 where it is known world-wide.

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Below is my small collection of Owen Magic: