Rings-n-Things Magic

Here is part of my Rings-n-Things magic trick collection that started back in 1976 with their popular Chick Pan. It was one of my first props that I proudly ordered through my Louis Tannen catalog as well as one of the more popular effects in my early shows.

From the Rings-n-Things ll website:

Rings ‘N Things has been associated with the manufacturing of quality magic apparatus since 1976. Originally founded in St. Louis, Missouri and sold several times over the course of decades, the brand and the product have had  intermittent availability. Now, under the new name of RNT II the brand, tooling and manufacturing rights acquired by Magpie Magic, all the legendary products invented by Rings ‘N Things and RNT II are available again.

Magpie Magic’s goal is to maintain the same level of craftsmanship and quality that has been established in the past and to make available an inventory of all the quality magic apparatus that the brand is famous for by using the original tooling and original product designs.

I have some additional RnT props to catalog yet, so stay tuned for most postings in the future. For right now, below is the small sample of what’s in my magic trick collection.