Supreme Magic


My Supreme Magic collection. I got interested in Supreme Magic many years ago when I discovered their vast array of children’s effects. It was easy to quickly get hooked on their creativity and I started to collect their props when possible. Once you get a hold of their catalogs you’ll feel like the kid in a candy store. So many effects, so much to choose from.

Supreme Magic was founded in 1953 by Edwin Hooper who with the help of his 21 full time staff and 21 manufacturing team built what he called the “Magical Wonderland”. Edwin started in magic back in 1939 doing his first magic show; he was 14 years old. This start, spiraled into his invention of hundreds of
effects, several magic books, and the formation of a 4,000 member magic club.

Supreme Magic has a very good selection of children’s story-telling type effects that are very popular with magicians. Their stage props have a unique color scheme and design that seems to run common across many of their props; lots of yellows and red. Very good quality overall across a wide variety of prop types. If you can find a Supreme Magic prop for sale, you might want to check them out if you haven’t already.

Below you’ll find my small collection of various Supreme Magic props that I’ve owned at one time or another. I try to add to this collection whenever I can and have been very selective on the props I end up purchasing. If you have an unique Supreme Magic prop to sell, please feel free to contact me, I may have an interest.

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